Microfinance Program: Huong Van, Phu Gia in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam

Huong Van, Phu Gia are rural communes near to Hue City.

The program is sponsored by VESAF (Vietnam Educational and Social Assistance Foundation) a nonprofit charitable organization, founded in 2014 in the US. VESAF aims to provide educational and social assistance to marginalized communities in Vietnam.

Since its inception in 2017 with an initial budget of US $20,000, the program provided loans for 52 households. Up to date, the program has supported 559 women with a total fund of 3.744.708 DVN.

The aim of the project is to:

– Reduce poverty and help fishing households achieve sustainable financial independence through the provision of loans for small enterprises.

– Develop the capacity of marginalized members of the community to improve their livelihoods with training and education programs.

The interest rate charged in Huong Van, Phu Gia, and Quang Phuoc is just from 0.4% to 0,7% per month, this is much lower than commercial rates. The monthly interest amount is being used for running the management board and community programs.


The Microfinance Project offers the range of loans of 7.000.000dvn to 15.000.000dvn to disadvantaged women of impoverished communes for a wide range of purposes such as planting pomelo, hairdressing, selling consumer goods and running small businesses. Over the past 7 years, the project has represented a practical and significant benefit for 559 women in Huong van, Quang Phuoc and Phu Gia communes of Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam.


During 2019, H4H conducted a comprehensive review of our microfinance programs, using best practice evaluation in the microfinance industry, as developed by the World Bank.

We are proud of the results which show that our programs are highly effective by global standards and that they have continued in their mission to serve the poorest. Moving forward, we will update and publish the results of this evaluation process every six months.

The borrowers have a 100% repayment rate historically.  This evaluation is correct as of September 2019.

Case story  and videos of MicroFinance Program

Since its inception in 2017, the Program has represented a practical and significant benefit to more than 416 participants. Please have look at some successful MF Stories.

Mrs Hồ Thị Nhàn – a participant of MicroFinance Project

Please see her casestory in here