How Microfinance Empowers Women

With the sponsorship of VESAF, NFP, Since 2017 Hearts For Hue in collaboration with the People’s Committee of the Communes of Huong Van, Quang Phuoc and Phu Gia has been implementing a Microfinance Project with the main purpose of creating jobs and generating income for the disadvantaged people.

The Microfinance Project offers the range loans of 7.000.000dvn to 15.000.000dvn to disadvantaged people of impoverished communes for a wide range of purposes such as planting pomelo, running small businesses. Over the past 4 years, the Project has represented a practical and significant benefit for  416  participants in Huong van, Quang Phuoc and Phu Gia communes of Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam, with a total fund of 2.538.500.000vnd.

Mrs. Ho Thi Nhan lives at Long Khe village, Huong Van Commune, Thua Thien Hue Province. The family consists of 4 members. Her husband is a worker of a local ceramic tile factory. Mrs. Ho Thi Nhan used to work at this factory with her husband as well however her health is not in good condition to keep working there which made her have to quit that job in 2019. She managed to sell vegetables at the local market to support her husband to raise small income. Mrs. Ho Thi Nhan and her husband have a daughter and a son who are studying in university and high school.

Thanks to participate in Women Union, she knew information about VESAF Micro finance program to support disadvantaged people and she decided to send the application right away. She was given the first loan on January 20th 2020 with loan size is 7 million dong. With this amount of capital, she has invested to open a grocery store to sell breakfast, snacks and learning tools for students as her house is near to a primary school. This job has been generated stable income for her with a daily amount is about 70.000-100.000vnd. The great thing is that she finds this job is suitable for her health condition at the moment.

She plans to keep joining the second round of the Program after her first round ends. She wants to invest more money to diversity products at her store. Mr. Ho Thi Nhan feels very lucky to be a part of the Program.

Hearts for Hue would like to express our deep gratitude to the VESAF, NFP for your huge contribution to the disadvantaged women in Vietnam.

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