February: Hoang Thi Dung’s family

Since 2016, Hearts For Hue has worked with We Are bamboo Travel Company as a facilitator to organize Volunteer Programs for over 40 international volunteer groups with the aim of improving the living standards of people with disabilities and disadvantaged people in Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam. In February 2020, Hearts for Hue was pleased to organize the program in Ms  Hoang Thi Dung’s family, who has a difficult situation.

Ms Hoang Thi Dung’s (born in 1987) household is one of the most marginalised families in Hương Vân Commune, Huong Tra Town.  She is a single mom of 3 children, she has a boy who is 11 years old, and two twin daughters who are 3 years old. At present, she is the family’s sole breadwinner and has to work very hard to support her son to keep going to school.  She is now working as an incense maker with a low daily wage of 70,000 VND. Due to spending time on taking care of children, she is not able to find a stable job to earn more income.  This family has been living in a temporary house made from makeshift materials, no toilet and dust floor. Her dream is to have a completed house and a sustainable livelihood to make a living.

Understanding the difficulties she has been facing, a team of 15 international volunteers were not hesitant to get their hands dirty. Under the hot weather in Hue’s outskirt areas, a group undertook a range of activities such as removing old materials, bringing hundreds of cement blocks, mixing cement, as well as digging a septic tank for a new toilet. All the members desired to accomplish a chicken coop, a toilet, kitchen and concreting a floor for a family. Additionally, thanks to Mr Neil Hannan’s (USA) donation, we were able to build a wall for a new house. 

As a result, Ms Dung’s family felt a moment of pure bliss to see a completed construction. She now has a better house which is made of high quality materials, an appropriate chicken coop, a toilet and kitchen. A group also donated funds to buy new necessary furniture such as beds, table, chairs and a gas stove. Hearts For Hue also gave 50 fully vaccinate baby chicks to the family. Hopefully, raising chickens will bring about a sustainable livelihood for Ms Dung.


Hearts For Hue would like to send our sincere thanks to all the volunteers for what they have contributed to the family.

Hearts For Hue Team.

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