VESAF,NFP Merit-based scholarship 2019

As it is the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year, Hearts for Hue, with generous sponsorship from VESAF,NFP one of Hearts for Hue’s longstanding donors, and in collaboration with senior staff from Hue University, recently distributed the Hearts for Hue 2019-2020 university scholarships.

The governing body of all the Universities in Hue nominates students from a wide range of faculties. The nominated students must come from disadvantaged families and show excellent academic results. This year, 32 students were selected, and each received a scholarship of 6.9 million VND( USD $300). The power of small, targeted cash transfer programmes is gaining wider recognition and for these students in particular, 6.9 million VND will cover the costs of school fees, purchasing university books and other fees for students from rural areas moving to Hue City.





One point that is particularly encouraging is that through the generosity of VESAF, Hearts for Hue now has scholarships that support children and their families from primary school, through secondary school and into university.

Hearts for Hue and the VESAF scholarship recipients would like to thank the Vice Chancellor of the Universities of Hue, Professor Truong Quy Tung, for his continued support of the programme and for his speech to the scholarship recipients. We would also like to thank representatives of the Hue Medical University, the Hue Agricultural University and the Hue University of Sciences for attending the ceremony and for their ongoing efforts to nominate eligible students for the programme. Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank VESAF itself.

By easing the academic path for Hue’s brightest students, you make Hue’s future brighter too. 

Hearts For Hue Team.


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