VESAF, NFP Scholarship

On 25th November, under the sponsorship of VESAF, Hearts For Hue in collaboration with Hue University to start the Scholarship Program for underprivileged students of Hue University.

At the Award Scholarship Ceremony, 36 students from Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Economic, and Facility of Tourism have received VESAF, NFP Scholarship with the total fund of 10.800 USD.

This is the third time the VESAF has sponsored a scholarship for underprivileged students who demonstrate their strong academic study results. The representative of VESAF in Vietnam – Mr Truong Trong Khanh has shared: “I hope that the VESAF will motivate the underprivileged students to overcome their difficulties plight and accomplish themselves and get closer to your dream. Simultaneously, the VESAF Scholarship encourages them in social work to become a global and productive citizen in the future.”

A student of University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Huynh To Tien Dung has shared: “To me, the study path in University has ever never easy for us, particularly who have a difficulties plight. In several times, I was down in the dumps due to the financial pressure. Today, thanks to the huge support from the VESAF, I am honored and tremendously encouraged to be selected of the VESAF Scholarship. The scholarship is not only an honor but also a practical value. You gave me the confidence to dream big.  Once again, I wholeheartedly appreciate everything the VESAF has done for us.”

The VESAF was found by a team of Vietnamese Experts in Mid – West and East America, including a number of alumni who studied in North America in the early 60s. The VESAF is permitted to work in Vietnam in 2018. The VESAF has been operating in a range of programs, including the Educational Program (awarding scholarship for underprivileged students and school’s facilities renovation), community development program (building bridge, road and well) and humanitarian aid .

On behalf of students, Hearts for Hue would like to express our deep gratitude to the VESAF for the opportunity you have given us.


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