Two hygienic latrines were built thanks to the sponsorship of Loving Work Foundation

With the main aim of improving the safety of women and children in the community through improved privacy when toilet and showering, Hearts For Hue has assisted two impoverished households to build two hygienic latrines.

These families have been living in a temporary house without a hygienic latrine for a long time. They only dig a hole and defecating till it fully, then backfilling in their garden. This has exerted many negative impacts on the environment as well as their health. Owing to the disadvantaged, building a hygienic latrine was beyond their reach.

Understanding the difficulties that they have faced, the Loving Work Foundation has lent a hand to build two hygienic latrines with a bath place. Currently, the two latrine construction completed and brings a range of practical benefits for two in-need families.

On behalf of Hearts for Hue and these two families, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the Loving Work Foundation for its significant support to the marginalized community.

According to a recent survey conducted by Hearts For Hue, there are a lot more households don’t have access to basic sanitation facilities in Huong Van Commune. Of these, many of them defecate in fields, rivers or gutters, which make them and their communities more vulnerable to disease and conditions. Hence,  we do hope the Loving Work Foundation and donors will give a hand to this community to improve their living standards.

Hearts for Hue.

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