From July 4th to July 10th, Hearts for Hue warmly welcomed a group of French students from Tuong Laï Essec Project 2024 to support the extension of a house, including a kitchen and a toilet, in Huong Van ward, Thua Thien Hue province. The students assisted local workers in constructing the walls, roof, and floor of the extension by carrying sand and cement, cleaning, rubbing, and painting sheets of fibre cement. 

The beneficiary of the Tuong Laï project is Ms. Ho Thi Xao, a 66-year-old woman living alone with no husband or children. Her life has been a constant struggle due to financial hardships. Unable to negotiate fair prices for her agricultural products, including rice, bananas, and chickens, she finds it incredibly challenging to make ends meet. Further, she also suffers from a lack of essential facilities. One night, as she went out to the makeshift toilet she had been forced to use, she was bitten by a snake. The venomous bite left her in intense pain and resulted in her being hospitalized. Having to live in such a situation, she is in a survival battle every day.

However, thanks to everyone’s hard work, the kitchen and toilet will soon be functional, considerably improving Ms. Ho Thi Xao’s quality of life!

The completion of the house constitutes the first accomplishment of the Tuong Laï project, which will continue until July 26th. In cooperation with Hearts for Hue since 2018, Tuong Laï members are visiting us again this year to conduct various community services. In the coming days, they will keep helping our community by constructing a chicken coop, renovating a house, visiting the microfinance program in Quang Phu commune, and participating in other programs of Hearts for Hue. 

On behalf of Ms. Ho Thi Xao, Hearts for Hue would like to sincerely thank the Tuong Laï team for their continued support in our community.

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