Training on water supply systems and environmental sanitation supported by the Rotary for residents in Aluoi, Vietnam

As part of our “Supply Clean Water Program”, Hearts For Hue, supported by The Rotary Foundation, and in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Huong Nguyen, is working to improve sanitation conditions in A Luoi.

On March 6th, training on water supply systems and environmental sanitation began for fifty residents in Huong Nguyen Commune. Mrs. Phan Thi Minh Tam, the senior officer of HueWACO, was the facilitator of this training.



The training content consisted of 4 main topics:
§ Protecting and maintaining the water supply system
§ Sanitation and hygiene
§ Water conservation
§ Common water system problems and solutions

Mrs. Tam taught about the process of supplying clean water. She provided the knowledge of how to protect and maintain the water supply along with pertinent details in water treatment, sanitation, and hygiene. In addition, she spent time with the local participants to discuss some common problems the water system might face in the future. After listening to views and ideas from the participants, Mrs Tam offered applicable solutions to deal with these common issues.
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Na, a local resident, was happy to share with us: “Thanks to the training, I have obtained a better understanding of the water system, how to save water and solve common issues. I have also learned how to finance my household effectively. This training has not only raised awareness for me but for the entire village. I would like to say thank to the Rotary Foundation for supporting us.”

Hearts For Hue

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