Promoting the hygiene and sanitation in Quang Nham Commune

Hearts For Hue is very pleased to announce that the PiCCA (AUS) has approved the project “ Promoting the hygiene and sanitation in Quang Nham Commune”.”

It is about 75 km far from the center of Hue city, Quang Nham is a mountainous commune of A Luoi district, with the population of 4.525 people in 1.225 households. The main ethnics are TaOi, and Paco, made up 97% of the population.

Poor sanitation is one of the challenges for local people and local authorities in Quang Nham commune. According the latest survey run by Hearts for Hue and Quang Nham’s People Committee, there are 64 % of households of this commune still forced to use homemade latrines, made from temporary materials or defecate directly into waterways. The problem is exacerbated during the rainy season when human excrement is drawn out of the homemade latrines. This has affected the environment and the health of local people, with the incidence of mange, conjunctivitis and diarrhea higher in these communities than elsewhere in Viet Nam.

With the main aim of increasing residents’ access to quality system and raising awareness on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for residents, Hearts for Hue will implement a range of activities:

  • Providing materials to build hygienic latrine to 15 households
  • Delivering training on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for all residents and children in Quang Nham

This is a great new to all the people in Quang Nham as the residents have been dreaming about having a hygienic latrine for a long time. The project is expected to commence in September  2020.

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