Within the framework of “THE GOAT RAISING PROJECT FOR FAMILIES AFFECTED BY AGENT ORANGE IN QUANG NHAM, VIETNAM”, on March 6, 2024, Hearts for Hue coordinated with the People’s Committee of Quang Nham commune to carry out the fourth training session for 25 AO families in the program.

Among the participants in the program are Mr Hoa and his wife, a married couple in their forties. Life circumstances have been very difficult for this family, circumstances that have not prevented the couple from having three children.  Unfortunately, their third child, who is only 3 years old, suffers from hydrocephalus, a disease that causes problems with muscle tone and strength. The young boy is too weak to run or even walk, like other kids his age.

The illness of the third child means that Mr. Hoa and his wife efforts to support their family are seriously affected and have actually put these efforts to the limit. But they will never lose hope.

We hope that the circumstances may change from now on and that the training Mr. Hoa has received and the fact of being provided with a nanny goat in the program.  Mr. Hoa has a great chance not only to increase the family income but also to improve their quality of life.

Hopefully, in the future, Mr. Hoa could expand this model of goat raising, thereby helping other poor households in the commune.

Cases like this family’s give full meaning to the actions carried out by Hearts For Hue and our sponsors through this program. These cases give full meaning to the work of so many people in support of disadvantaged people, and motivate us to continue.

Once again, on behalf of all the beneficiaries, Hearts for Hue would like to express our deep gratitude to PiCCA for their meaningful project in Quang Nham commune, A Luoi district, Vietnam.

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