October: Mrs Thai Thi Lan

According to the local authority, Ms Thai Thi Lan (1987) household is one of the poorest families in Mong A Village, Vinh Thai Community. The family consists of 5 people including Mr Pham Dinh Chung who is working as a seasonal constructional worker in Danang, Mrs Thai Thi Lan, a son Pham Dinh Huy who is at grade 4 and a 2 years old son who was born with physical and developmental disability, and Mr Chung’s younger sister who got psoriasis. Mrs Lan spends a lot of time to take care of her children. Every month, Mr Chung has to bring his disabled son go for health check in the hospital. As a result, an income was not sufficient to cover the daily expenses. They live from hand to mouth. Currently, Mrs Lan is raising a few chickens in an old pig shelter, which was damaged. In addition, the kitchen has made by temporary materials which almost collapsed.

Within three days 10th, 11th and 12th October, Hearts For Hue in collaboration with We Are Bamboo implemented a Volunteer Project to assist this needy family. A team of 12 volunteers has lent a hand to build a completely appropriate chicken coop and kitchen for the family. The flock of chicken is expected to provide this family with a sustainable source of income and food. At the end of October, under the sponsorship of the Rotary International (USA), Hearts For Hue will deliver another 100 baby chicks, chicken feed as well as a training session on how to raise chicken effectively.

Hearts for Hue Team.

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