November: Mrs Tran Thi Vy

Mrs Trần Thị Vỹ (1965) family is one of the poorest households in Sơn Công 2 Village, Hương Vân Community. She is a single mom who is living with a daughter (25 years old) and her mom who is 79 years old. Mrs Vỹ got an operation on her spine since she got an accident. Due to the spine injured, she is not able to do any hard jobs. Her daughter is working as a tailor at a local factory with a low income. Currently, she tries to make ends meet by selling some duck eggs, chicken eggs as well as raising a flock of 20 chickens. However, building an appropriate chicken coop for bigger raising scale is beyond her reach. The family has been struggling with unstable income. In addition, they have been living in the house consisted of rotted materials while the floor was soiled. 

From 7th to 9th November, a team of 11 enthusiastic people from We Are Bamboo volunteered to assist the family to overcome the difficulties. Within 3 days, a chicken coop was built completely which is able to host more than 100 baby chicks.  In addition, a group also concreted the floor. She feels less worried a bit as the high peak of the rainy season is coming soon.



From now on, Mrs. Vỹ is able to make more income from raising a bigger flock of chickens. She shared: “Without you all, there is no way for me to make a chicken coop like this. I extremely thankful and grateful for what you have done for my family” 


Hearts for Hue team 

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