Since 2018 Ngay mai Scholarships seeks to focus on the education of children of disadvantaged families in Thua Thien Hue.

Education is the key for a brighter future. We strongly believe that education along with support and motivation are the ways to transform a life from poverty to prosperity. That is why supporting the education of children from disadvantaged families it is a priority for us.


  • To help disadvantaged families by providing them a small financial support so the education of their children should not represent a problem for their battered economies. This small financial support aims to cover at least the basic school costs.
  • To help and motivate children participating at Ngày mai Scholarships to complete High School education. More than a target this is our dream and motivation. We would love to stop school dropouts. High School education will teach children many values that are quite important to face the real world. The list of jobs that require a completed High School education is quite extensive. Also, students would be in a better situation to start their own businesses.
  • To motivate and encourage excellent students enrolled in our Program to achieve their educational goals. We want to be useful for these particularly good students. Excellent students can get good grades, but also, they can enhance their education by qualifying for some scholarships. We always ask our excellent students to tell us how we can help them.

Ngày mai Scholarships is an initiative built on funds collected from individual donors in Spain and from individual international volunteers visiting Vietnam. Nevertheless, donors from anywhere in the world are welcome. Our budget is very modest, but we understand that the support we give to disadvantaged families and their children is important for them.

From 2018 to present, 392 scholarships have been distributed to students.

During the school year 2023 / 2024 we are giving support to 63 children from disadvantaged families, not only from Hue City, but also from other communes as Vinh Phu, Vinh Thai, Huong Van and some other areas.


Among the various actions we have performed since 2018, we are now implementing an initiative under the name of “A Tablet for each Family”.

Tablets are called to play a particularly important role in the education of children. Tablets may allow children not only to study their school’s subjects, but also to deepen into those subjects opening many different doors for a better understanding of the subjects. From that point of view, the possibilities of Tablets are larger than just a book and, in some countries, Tablets are replacing books in schools.

At the same time, a Tablet will bring technology closer to children and the Tablet can be a useful tool to develop the imagination of children while opening for them a new world full of opportunities.

We strongly believe that Tablets are a good tool to motivate children.

Beside these relevant aspects, Tablets will also give children the opportunity to contact us or to contact other children participating in Ngày mai Scholarships more easily. Tablets will also allow us to support children in a better way by giving more accurate answers to their educational needs.

One of our next challenges will be to try to set up a community or group in which children may freely go in search of help from other students in those cases where a subject can be especially difficult for them. In the same way, this community or group may become a good place for children to interact with each other and to share experiences.

As we have said before, Ngày mai Scholarships budget is very modest, and we cannot afford to deliver a Tablet to each child participating in the Program. So, we are delivering a Tablet to each family with children enrolled in our Program. In most cases this means that siblings will need to share the same Tablet.

Tablets are delivered to children studying Secondary School and High School, though there will be no limit if children in Primary School have older brothers or sisters at Ngày mai Scholarships, in which case they will be sharing the Tablets with their older siblings.

Whenever Wi-Fi it is not available at their houses, we are providing children with a 5G SIM card valid for the first year.

Till 2023, we had delivered 57 tablets. From the faces of the children, it seems that they have accepted our initiative very well. Now it only remains that they know how to make good use of the tablets.