May: Quang Phuoc Primary School

Quang Phuoc Primary School is located far from Hue City. The children live in poor conditions as most families in the village cannot afford to send all of their children to school. With the aim of improving the learning environment as well as making more children develop an eagerness to go to school, Hearts For Hue in collaboration with The Bamboo Project created the volunteer gap experience program in Quang Phuoc Primary School in May 2016.

Over the past 4 days, thanks to 18 international volunteer’s and 9 Vietnamese volunteers hard work, doors and windows of 10 class rooms, 1 library and 1 latrine were painted completely. In addition, in order to beautify the hallway stairs, the volunteers painted

murals that feature different animals and their English name. Not only does this motivate and engage children in learning, stimulate memory about English vocabularies, facilitate understanding about the world and develop their imagination by the vivid, creative and colorful murals but also provides a learning environment outside their classrooms while they are playing or walking outside the classroom. Moreover, international volunteers assisted children to learn Basic English through kid songs and useful kid games. Children were so excited to have a great opportunity to communicate in English with native speakers. Additionally, international volunteers had the chance to experience the rural life in the countryside as well as contributing their valuable effort in improving learning environment for children.

Hearts For Hue would like to say thank you for international volunteers and Vietnamese volunteers and primary school staff who made the program a success


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