May: Mr Tran Van Sinh

According to local authorities, the family of Mr Tran Van Sinh is one of the poorest households in Huong Van  Commune, Huong Tra Town. He and his wife Hoang Thi Suong work as farmers planting and cultivating rice and peanuts. Recently, the peanuts crop has been seriously affected due to the unusually hot weather. Their income has therefore decreased. To make a living, they also raise a flock of 20 chickens; however, some chickens have died and others have been stolen since their chicken coop is too small and unqualified to raise healthy chickens. Hence, they were in need to improve the conditions of the chicken coop.

On May 9th and 10th,  a team of 6 volunteers from We Are Bamboo put all their own effort into building a new and qualified chicken coop for Mr. Sinh’s family. In addition, the group took a trip to the peanut fields and assisted the family to harvest the peanuts.

Once again,  small actions made a big difference in the living conditions of disadvantaged people.. Hearts For Hue hopes that the volunteers will keep spreading the love out to the community.

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