March: Mrs. Duong Thi Huong

Mrs. Duong Thi Huong (48 years old) is one of the poorest households in the Vinh Thai Community. She is now living with her mom who is 88 years old and her son is at grade 5. As a farmer, she is making an income mainly from planting cassava, raising chickens and making Vietnamese conical hats. Mrs. Huong and her family have been living in the ancestor worship house, and their chicken coop and kitchen made by temporary material which is damaged for a long time. She now keeps working on the farm and raising chickens to support her children’s education. However, it’s hard for her to raise more chickens and get more income since her chicken coop is unqualified and only temporary for a short time.


Understanding the difficulties that she has been facing, a group of 19 international volunteers visited and help her to build a chicken coop and kitchen in only 3 days. She shared to us: “Particularly in the stormy season, I was very afraid that the old kitchen would be collapsed. I wondered till when the miracle happens to my family. Now, thanks to the team, my dreams turned into reality. My family is really happy. Thank you so much the team for all of your effort.”

This is how the Bamboo team proving that small things make a huge impact on the family.  Hearts For Hue is very pleasure to be a partnership with We Are Bamboo in the path of improving the living standard for disadvantaged people in our community.

Hearts for Hue.


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