Livelihood support for Agent Orange affected families in A Luoi district.

Location: A Lưới, a mountainous district in Thừa Thiên–Huế province, 70 kilometers west of the city of Huế

Duration: 2013 – Present

Budget for the years 2013/2017: 23,297 US$

Donors: Veterans For Peace Chapter 160

Participants in the Program:

–         Hearts for Hue

–         Veterans For Peace (Hoa Binh Chapter)

–         Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry

–         A Luoi District Extension Station

–         People’s Committee of Hong Thuong, Hong Kim, ANgo, Hong Bac and Nham

Beneficiaries: Families with at least one member affected with disabilities due to Agent Orange

Program objectives: To create jobs and small business to enable affected people to earn a sustainable income

Program Overview:

This project has different phases:

–         Cow raising program

–         Sow raising program

In the cow raising program a model of cattle raising system has been established. The Beneficiaries receive training courses on cattle raising techniques, the training being a mix of ‘class room’ training and field-based demonstration. They also receive support for the construction of shelters and forage and seeds for them to plant and feed the cattle

The Beneficiaries in the sow raising program are provided with a pig and food for them. Before Beneficiaries have received training on building shelters for sows and shelters for piglets as well as instructions on how to repair existing shelters. They also receive training on choosing pig breeding, food, and sow raising, insemination of sows, raising pregnant sow techniques etc


Hearts For Hue uses the two step process to maximizes chances of success because the participants’ responsibilities are gradually increased, or because a longer relationship with Hearts For Hue brings more long – term benefits for the families

Cow raising Program:

After 3 years of  implementation the program has been achieving the remarkable results

60 standard cattle shelters were built for 60 families affected by Agent Orange ;

6 training courses on cattle raising techniques were carried out;

300 kg forages and seeds were provided for families to plant

Cattle grows normally and livestock habitats have improved

A Luoi’s People’s Committee has laid down as a policy the development of animal husbandry and  encouraged farmers to build a cattle shelter and planting forage to raise cattle in the direction of intensive farming.

Sow raising Program:

After over 2 years of the implementation, the program has been achieving the remarkable results::

35 pigs were provided for 35 families affected by Agent Orange.

3 training courses on pig raising techniques and two evaluation workshops were carried out;

Two standard pig shelters were built for two families and this is a good model for other farmers to replicate.

11 pigs gave birth to 10-12 piglets in each birth time and the average income/one year/ families are 700USD.

Seven new families received a first born piglet from the program pig.

Please contact to Mr Khanh Truong, Chairman for further information: khanh.truong@heartsforhue.com