June: Mr Le Xuan’s house

Mr. Lê Xuân’s family of 6 people is the poorest family living in Nghia Lap Village, Vinh Phu Community. Unfortunately, their youngest son contracted Japanese Encephalitis, which lead to a sharp decline in his mental health. Lê Văn Nam is currently 14 years old but has intellectual and physical disabilities leaving him unable to work and take care of himself. Two of their children dropped out of school to work and help make end meets.

The family has been attempting to raise chickens, however they are having difficulties. Because they have little financial resources, the chicken coop is made out of recycled materials and is too small to support the growth of healthy chicks.

Understanding the difficulties that they have faced daily, Hearts For Hue organized a volunteer program with support from four international volunteers of We Are Bamboo. A program is implemented with the aim of improving the livelihood by raising chicken for people with disability and their family, in that case Mr Le Xuan’s family. The volunteers assisted to build a chicken coop equipped with feeding and drinking system which is qualified to raise a large number of chickens. Moreover, a team also gave 20 chicks and chicken food for the family to raise.

With this raising model, the people with disability and their family are able to get involved in raising chicken by proper raising techniques.  As scheduled, after 4 months of raising, the family will keep a half of flock of chicken to reproduce eggs and expand the raising model and sell the rest of chicken to generate more incomes.

Hearts For Hue is really looking forward  that the volunteer program will bring more benefits to the people with disability.

Hearts For Hue Team.

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