June: Mr Dang Van Quang

According to the local authority, Mr Đặng Văn Quang’s (44 years old) household is one of the poorest families in Huong Van Commune, Huong Tra. He is a deaf person who is working as a farmer along with his wife Ms Tuyen (46 years old). They both generate income from raising chickens, buffalos and pigs. Sometimes, Mr Quang works as a construction worker when his health permits. The family has 3 children including the oldest son (17 years old) who dropped out of school to go to work as a painter in Ha Noi and support the family, a second son (9 years old) and a girl (4 years old). All the financial burden of living expenses and school fee are on the father’s shoulders.

To make a living, they raised a flock of 20 hens and chicks; however, some chickens died or were stolen since their chicken coop was too small (only 4m2) and unsuitable to raise healthy chicken. Hence, they were in need of expanding the chicken coop.

Understanding the difficulties that they have been facing, Hearts for Hue continues collaborating with Bamboo volunteers to support this disadvantaged family in Huong Tra through the construction of a chicken coop and providing fully vaccinated chickens.

After three hard – working days, the chicken coop was completed beautifully. The group also delivered 15, 21 day-old, fully vaccinated chickens along with chicken food. Hearts For Hue will deliver training on chicken raising techniques to the family, at the same time, keep our eyes to their raising  chicken.  This chicken raising model is expected to be a sustainable source of income for the family.

Words are certainly not enough to express how grateful we were to the We Are Bamboo Volunteers. However, the household now is still lack of an appropriate latrine since they do not have enough conditions to build it. We do hope more support will be given from the individuals or organizations in order to help the family improve their living standard. 

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