From January to April 2024, Hearts for Hue collaboratively worked with two interns from International School, Hue University. They are both seniors studying international relations at the school.

Nguyen Cao Tam Minh

“This internship gave me a chance to apply the knowledge that I have acquired at the university and gain real-world experience to help me advance my career. As an intern at Hearts for Hue, I now have a broader understanding of the complexities involved in NGO work. On a personal level, this internship has been a journey of self-discovery and growth. Stepping out of my comfort zone and immersing myself in a new culture challenged me to adapt and embrace unfamiliar experiences.”

Nguyen Thi Dieu Hien

“Before starting the internship, I felt both excitement and nervousness. I was excited to work in a new environment alongside experienced professionals, seeing it as an excellent opportunity to gain experience and improve myself before graduation. However, I also felt anxious and nervous because I lacked work experience and my professional skills were not yet proficient. Fortunately, my worries were quickly dispelled by the friendly, enthusiastic, and dedicated guidance of the organization’s staff.”

During their ten-week internship, they not only took part in many activities but also supported H4H in various programs. Those offered great opportunities for them to enhance their knowledge and sharpen their skills, such as communication, translation, video editing, etc. Additionally, Hien and Minh made many friends, including international and Vietnamese ones. They shared lots of fun and created priceless memories together.

Minh’s refection on the internship

Hien’s thoughts and feelings

H4H hopes that Hien and Minh will be successful in the future and continue to keep the passion for charity work alive and contribute to the community. 

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