[HUE HOPE 12] Virtual Volunteer Project 2022

From September 19th to October 7th, Hearts for Hue is proud to continue the cooperation with SMU (Singapore Management University) to conduct Project Hue Hope 12. The Project Hue Hope 12 is under the leadership of Hannah Lam En Yi, Villanueva Vanna Ericia B, Lock Yi Qing and Tran Van Anh.

The virtual teaching project is an initiative within the framework of the Community Service Program of Hearts For Hue in collaboration with SMU. The project’s purpose is to motivate the disadvantaged students in Quang Phu Primary School to learn English through virtual means with interactive methods. All lessons are level designed and suitable for all students in grades 1 to 5. It covers familiar topics in our lives that can inspire students. Moreover, the teaching packages are also flexible, scalable, and easily implemented across different age groups.

For 10 days, international volunteers from SMU provided lessons focusing on familiar themes such as hygiene practices, travel, environmental sustainability, and more. Additionally, the team has been creative in their remote classroom practices to enhance essential learning interactions through games, art crafts, and award-winning pop quizzes. In particular, we are happy to see the joy on each student’s face when receiving special gifts from the preparation of SMU volunteers for the Hue Hope 12 project.

On the other hand, the project would not be successful without the support of Vietnamese Volunteers. All the H4H volunteers are good English speakers from Hue University that can support international volunteers in translation and preparing for class lessons. No matter how bad the weather was in Hue, the Vietnamese volunteers traveled to Quang Phu Primary School for teaching sessions. They shared that the sessions were very enjoyable and were impressed by the students’ interest in all the lessons.

Hearts for Hue is pleased to be a companion with SMU students to facilitate contributions to the community. On behalf of the students, we would like to express our gratitude for the big support of SMU students in our community as well as the help of local volunteers to make the project very successful. We are looking forward to seeing more projects in the future.

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