1. Overview

HEARTS FOR HUE will use its best endeavours to ensure that its funding and support does not aid or support terrorism or proscribed terrorist organisations.

  1. Application

This policy applies to all people working at or for HEARTS FOR HUE as well as collaborating community groups, volunteers and  people providing or rendering services or other activities to HEARTS FOR HUE

  1. Policy
    1. HEARTS FOR HUE recognises the principles enacted under the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s Law on Anti-Terrorism, effective October 1st, 2013. HEARTS FOR HUE also recognises that part of the Vietnamese Government’s role in counter-terrorism is the detection of acts of financing terrorism; receipt and processing of reported information and denunciations about financing of terrorism; identification and updating of client information and application of provisional measures; and control of cross-border transport of cash, precious metals, gems and negotiable instruments.
    2. Within its capacity and through its work, HEARTS FOR HUE:
      1. will check the lists of proscribed organisations that might be published by Vietnamese Authorities before receiving or providing direct funding, support or resources, ensuring that the donor or the beneficiary is not included on such list
      2. will ensure that organisations to whom or from whom funding, support or resources are being received or  provided, know of, understand and comply with the legal and contractual requirements
      3. will check that HEARTS FOR HUE Funding is received and used by the intended beneficiaries for development and/or relief
      4. will conduct spot checks and monitoring visits to ensure organisations to which or from which funding, support or resources are being received or provided are not on any such list, and
      5. will report to the Vietnamese Authorities any signs or acts of financing terrorism that HEARTS FOR HUE may detect in the course of their activity