Casestory of Mrs Nguyen Thi Nga – Microfinance Program sponsored by The DOVE Fund

Since 2011, under the sponsorship of the DOVE Fund, Hearts for Hue in collaboration with the People’s Committee of the Vy Da Ward has been implementing a Microfinance Program with the main purpose of creating jobs and generating income for the disadvantaged people.

The Microfinance Project offers the range loans of 7.000.000dvn to 15.000.000dvn to disadvantaged people of impoverished communes for a wide range of purposes such as raincoat making, clam rice making and running small enterprises. Over the past 10 years, the Program has represented a practical and significant benefit for 508  participants in Vy Da Ward.

Mrs Nguyen Thi Nga is one of the successful stories of the MicroFinance Program. Mrs Nguyen Thi Nga  lives at Ung Binh street, Vy Da Ward, Hue City. She earns living by making many kinds of incenses. She has joined the Micro finance program since 2017. Recently, she has been provided loan for her third round which cost 15 million dong on the March of 2022. The loan purpose is for purchasing more materials and equipment to diversity her incense items as well as increase productivity. By this way, she has more and more products for storage to sale at high season such as Lunar New Year, Mid-autumn Festival and so on. In addition, she has developed more kinds of incenses for her shop including stick, cone, coil incenses.

Thanks to the loan from Dove Fund Microfinance Program together with her hardworking, her living condition has significant change. The income has reached 200.000vnd to 250.000vnd (9USD-11USD) per day while her income before 2017 was only 3USD per day. Now she has a stable income and ability to pay school fee for four children especially one of them becomes an engineer which is her family proud.

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