Case story for hygienic latrine project in Hong Thuy Commune

Ho Duan’s family lives in Par Ay village, in Hong Thuy commune, Thua Thien Hue province. Hearts For Hue, with the sponsorship of the D.O.V.E Fund, has supported Ho Duan family to build a hygienic latrine. The daily life of Ho Duan family has been improved in a very significant way.

For many years the family, as all the other families living in Hong Thuy commune, has been using a substandard homemade latrine, built with materials that lack consistency and located at a long distance from their house. The homemade latrine lacked a decent roof and were highly uncomfortable and unhygienic.



“The homemade latrine was very weak, made of bamboo, plastic bags and leaves” tells us Mr. Duan. “Its use was pretty uncomfortable and really unhygienic, especially during the rainy season and we needed always to walk a long way from our house”

Thanks to the sponsorship of D.O.V.E Fund, and with the valuable collaboration of Hong Thuy commune’s People’s Committee, Hearts For Hue has implemented a clean water and sanitation project in Hong Thuy commune which aims to raise awareness of local people on sanitation.

In 2017, 40 families gained access to a clean water system in their houses. Now in 2018 another 20 families have been supported in building hygienic latrines.

Mr. Ho Duan family is one of these 2018 beneficiaries. After 15 days of construction, his family finally owns a modern and hygienic latrine. Inside the latrine, a shower tap and clean water system has been installed so the members of the family can enjoy to shower, wash clothes and so on. “The new hygienic latrine helps our house to be safer and cleaner property for our family. There are no more bad smells due to the lack of a proper latrine. Our child can take shower regularly without the need to walk down to dangerous rivers or streams,” Duan and his wife say.

We would like to send our deepest thanks to D.O.V.E Fund for their generosity and practical support to the families a Hong Thuy commune in general and to Ho Duan family in particular 

Hearts for Hue. 

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