November: Mr. Duong Xuan Hieu’s Family.

For three consecutive days Hearts For Hue and We Are Bamboo joined forces once more to carry out another activity under our Community Service Program between the 22nd and the 24th of November.

This time our activity took place in Huong Van commune where thanks to 8 amazing volunteers from We Are Bamboo, coming from Australia and England, we built a chicken coop for Mr. Hieu. The Bamboo volunteers did also contribute with 30 chickens and food for the chickens. 

Mr. Hieu is 62 years old and he was a former school teacher. Unfortunately, Mr Hieu suffers certain disabilities and he can’t perform any work nor bring any money to his household. He lives with his wife and their two children in a small house. The children are in school age and they attend to class regularly. Actually, their children’s education is one of the priorities of Mr. Hieu family. The family did also get involved in the construction works and they performed many different tasks, especially the youngest child who got involved in each and every activity. 

The weather did not help us this time and the rain joined us during the three days. Notwithstanding the delays caused by the rain, the construction could be completed on time and we all had the opportunity to live that touching moment when volunteers and family members introduced chickens into their new home. It was a moment of smiles and tears. 

One of the volunteers brilliantly summarized the smiles of the family is what all is about. What brings us all together in the activities of Hearts For Hue and We Are Bamboo is to bring joy and hope to disadvantaged families: the joy of solidarity and the hope of a brighter future. 

As we have done many times before, we would like to note for the record the human quality of the We Are Bamboo volunteers. They did not only work in the construction of the chicken pen and contributed the chickens and some food. They wanted to get involved in the needs of the youngest of the children and after some inquiries they bought a desk for the boy so that he could put all his books and study. It was more than just a desk, it was the boy’s dream.

Another We Are Bamboo chapter to be remembered. 

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