August: Mr Le Dinh Hai

Mr Le Dinh Hai (58 years old) household is the poorest family in the Huong Van Commune. He is a person with vision impairment for 35 years. His wife Ms Tran Thi Thanh Tam (61 years old) is a person with a disability who also got a hearts disease. They have one son (25 years old) who is being trained to be a chef. They only get to see their Son once a year, when he comes home for New Year.   The family is surviving thanks to the social allowance of 810,000 dvn per month. Mr Hai is now working in the Huong Van Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired with the main purpose to help the people have same situation. Despite all the difficulties in daily activities, they are still putting effort to raise some ducks and chickens to make ends meet for daily living. However, it’s hard for the family to raise more chickens and get more income since building a chicken coop was beyond their reach.

From 10th to 12th August, Hearts For Hue in cooperation with We Are Bamboo, organized a volunteer program to assist this family in need. During three days, a group of five fabulous international volunteers worked very hard under the heat of 39 degree. A newly chicken coop and a newly constructed roof over the back door have been completed within three days.  According to Mrs Tam, she is impressed by the proactive acts and the enthusiasm from the volunteers. She is now less worried that she can wash her dishes in the shade and dry when the weather is bad. Moreover, the group also donated 50 fully vaccinated baby chicks to raise, which is heralded a new chapter of life with the livelihood of stability. Also, a team presented a gas stove, gas tank, a fan and a TV for the family. Mr Hai and Ms Tam are very grateful for such a wonderful dedication. 

From the bottom of our hearts, Hearts For Hue would like to thanks “Fabulous 5” for writing a new chapter for their life. Hearts For Hue will keep in touch with the family and checking up on the progress of raising chickens.

Hearts for Hue team.

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