April: Mrs Truong Thi Ly

A new chapter in the cooperation between HEARTS FOR HUE and the BAMBOO Project took place on the 12th, 13th and 14th of April 2018.

To support people with disabilities and/or mental illness and their families and to improve their livelihoods through a progressive level of support is the main objective of one of the most relevant programs of HEARTS FOR HUE

The participants in this Program receive chickens or pigs as well as animal raising training to enable them to increase their income. The Program does also include the building of chicken pens or pig pens or the building of a larger animal shelter to enable the growth of the existing animal raising activities.

WE ARE BAMBOO collaborates with HEARTS FOR HUE providing volunteers to make possible some of the actions to be developed under the Program

WE ARE BAMBOO has a rich history organizing group tours and volunteering, giving a fresh approach to the art of combining adventure with giving back. They have projects in many countries and their volunteers have raised substantial amounts of money in donations and are responsible for an impressive amount of volunteering hours.

This time we have been in Vinh Phu Commune to build a chicken pen and to make some important improvements in Mrs. Ly house. Mrs. Ly explained to us that she has always dreamed of having a chicken coop in which to raise and feed chickens, and of making a little money that can help her to improve her tough life.

Mrs. Ly suffers various disabilities that do not allow her to do any work other than domestic tasks. She lives with her mother who also suffers from important disabilities that keep her in bed all day. Mrs. Ly’s mother requires continuous care. Considering all this, it seems that HEARTS FOR HUE Program can be a satisfactory aid for Mrs. Ly situation.

HEARTS FOR HUE is glad to announce that the chickens that were delivered this time have been donated by Ms. Michelle Hutchison, a BAMBOO volunteer from a former project under this Program. We would like to warmly thank Ms. Michelle Hutchison for her continuous contribution sponsoring our “chicken program” as well as for her continuous contribution to our “shoes program”.

For three consecutive days, six BAMBOO volunteer girls have been carrying sacks of cement, mixing cement, hauling bricks, paving with cement a yard outside the house, molding irons, sewing curtains and many other things. In other words, helping to build a chicken coop and improving some areas of the house. The works were done with more or less skill, but always with a great willingness to work and with the conviction that their effort will help to improve the lives of Mrs. Ly and her mother.

Not only work. The group has always shown a great human quality, being concerned about the living conditions of Mrs. Ly and her mother, as well as the living conditions of disadvantaged people in the Thua Thien Hue area. They were eager to get information about our charity and to get involved in the activities carried out by our organization.

On Saturday morning the group took a little rest in their building activities and went to meet the boys and girls of Vinh Phu Primary School. There the group spent a couple of hours playing with the children and having a direct approach to the English language skills of the children of Thua Thien Hue.

Later, in the afternoon, when the first chickens entered their new house with the help of the six BAMBOO volunteers, emotion appeared in the face of Mrs. Ly as well as in the faces of the six volunteer girls and in the faces of all the people that witnessed that moment. No doubt that HEARTS FOR HUE and the BAMBOO volunteers have left a positive footprint in the lives of many people in Vinh Phu Commune

Elleese (Australia); Emma (Ireland); Bridget (USA); Claire (England); Anna (Poland) and Valya (Bulgaria) have been an amazing team of volunteers, sharing the same conviction, sharing the same purpose: to give back. And always with them, developing the same works with equal dedication Ms. Jane and Mr. Dee, tour guides of this awesome group. To all them, to Ms.  Michelle Hutchison, our beloved donor of the chickens and to Mr. Nguyen Ba Nguyen, a volunteer for HEARTS FOR HUE, our most sincere appreciation.

Once again HEARTS FOR HUE and WE ARE BAMBOO have made a difference to the lives of disadvantaged or disable people, helping the less fortunate in a positive way.

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