A training session on how to prevent the common diseases for goats

On 25th July 2019, under the sponsorship of The DOVE Fund (US), Hearts For Hue continued to organize a training session on how to prevent the common diseases for goats.

Under the guidance of Professor Nguyen Xuan Ba, all of 5 staff of the center, as well as 35 patients, gained more knowledge about technical foster care by following activities: 

As a saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” – Focusing on preventing common diseases through these activities:

  • Good foster care
  • Cleaning goat shelter everyday
  • How to apply the vaccination 
  • The process of preventing common diseases 

How to realize the syndromes of the diseases

How to treat diseases properly

At the end of the training, we took a tour to visit the goat shelter which was built completely in July. The goat shelter is appropriate for the breeding pattern which program has provided. Currently, thanks to the hard-work patients, the flock of 20 goats is growing very well.  Every day, there are five patients take turn to take care of herd of goats with some basic activities such as: feeding goats and cleaning the goat barn. 

Through this project, more patients will get involve in raising goat activities which help them to be rehabilitated and improved their health. . Hearts for Hue is very happy to report that 3 months after the project, all patients are very happy to raise goat and they have experienced an increase in their confidence and happiness from the project.  Hearts For Hue is looking forward to see the staff and the patients generate an income from selling goat meat, which will use to buy milk and medicine for patients in the social center. 

Hearts for Hue would like to express our gratitude to the DOVE Fund for the continuous supporting for the patients in the Thua Thien Hue Social Center.

Hearts For Hue.

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