Hearts For Hue’s July 2020 Newsletter


Dear Donors, Colleagues, and Friends,

First of all, Hearts For Hue would like to send our warmest greetings and best wishes to all of you and express our sincere thanks for your support of disadvantaged people in Vietnam. We would like to share with you an overview of what our organization was doing from May to July  2020.  Please take a look at our project highlights below:

Goat raising for AO families in A Ngo Commune, A Luoi District

Since 2015, under the sponsorship from Veterans for Peace, Hearts for Hue has been working together with smallholder farmers affected by Agent Orange in the A Ngo region of A Luoi to develop pig and cow raising program. Initially, the pig raising program was a large success. However, with the outbreak of swine fever To maximize opportunities for Agent Orange families obtain a better understanding about raising goats, Hearts For Hue has delivered two training sessions on raising goat techniques under the guidance of Professor Nguyen Xuan Ba. The first training was conducted on 15th May and the second training was delivered on 10th June. see more


The extremely important role of building perimeter of fences in the kindergarten

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, all of the kindergarten’s condition will be considered to reach National Standard every five years. The evaluation criteria for each level are based on the school’s facilities and teaching quality. In order to reach the National Standard Level 1, the kindergarten has to complete these criteria:

  • Completing the main gate and four perimeters of fences
  • Providing sufficient rooms and functional rooms for children
  • Completing courtyard and garden
  • Having qualified teachers See more 

The closing ceremony The chicken program to improving the economic conditions for disadvantaged/disabled people near Hue Vietnam

On 28th July 2020, Hearts For Hue in association with Phu Gia’s People Committee organized the closing ceremony of the project “Chicken Raising Program to Improving Economic Condition for Disadvantaged/ Disabled people near Hue, Vietnam” under the sponsorship of the ROTARY Foundation. Those participating in the Closing Ceremony were 150 beneficiaries, local authority’s representatives: Mr Ho Van Nhat, Party Committee Secretary; Mrs Nguyen Thi Be, Vice Chairman of Phu Gia, Prof. Nguyen Xuan Ba, head of Animal Department of Hue’s Agricultural University, Mr Khanh Truong, Chairman of Hearts For Hue and staff. See more

The new fresh vegetable garden for children in remote areas

Sao Mai 2 Kindergarten is located 15 Km away from Hue city. Kindergarten with 10 classrooms and one teacher room has built completely in 2017 with the support from the local fund. However, Sao Mai 2 Kindergarten currently has faced with the challenge of constructing a Vegetable garden.

According to Mrs Nhung- Principal, the vegetable garden is not only to improve food quality for children but also to teach children about plants, planting, and protect them. Due to the lack of funds, the garden has not built yet. See more



Once again, Hearts For Hue would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the donors for their great concern for the less fortunate people of our community. We hope that the cooperation between the donors and Hearts for Hue will grow even closer and more sustainable in the future. We wish you and your family good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Hearts For Hue

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