Vinh Thai is one of poorest communes of Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province. The population of Vinh Thai is about 6,300 people, of which poor people and people with disability are estimated to be more than 200 people.

According to several reports, poor and disable people lack an activity that can fill their life. This lack of an activity leads them to a lack of self-esteem and lack of confidence. As a consequence of this situation, poor and disabled people do not integrate in their communities, what increases a loneliness feeling and of being a burden for their own families.

Local authorities and Hearts For Hue are working closely to identify the needs of the affected community, and therefore on November 23rd, Hearts for Hue in collaboration with People’s Committee of Vinh Thai commune organized a meeting with poor and disabled families, in an effort to listen to those experiencing needs that should be addressed.

It’s both fair and logical to involve those who are most directly affected by adverse conditions. They know best what effects those conditions have on their lives and including them in the process is more likely to produce a plan that actually speaks to their needs.

To begin, Mr. Truong Trong Khanh, chairman of Hearts for Hue, took the floor and as a brief introduction, he referred to the needs identified in the community. He later referred to the main suggested activities of the chicken raising program such as building chicken coop, distributing chicks and veterinary medicine and providing trainings. An important feature of the project is to establish a self-help group in which the beneficiaries of the project could share their experiences and seek support from other members. 

Following Mr. Khanh intervention, several people from the audience took the floor and openly expressed their opinions in relation to the needs identified, and the suggested activities and other features of the project.

All local families are happy to take part in the project and to receive the support of the community. A local man, Hoa, shared with us that: “I myself highly appreciate those mentioned program activities. We have not attended any trainings regarding raising chicken before so it could be great if we could have a chance to learn and apply skills and knowledge in reality”. Some of members also exposed their concerns toward veterinary medicine and chicken foods.  

Thanks to the meeting, all local families had an overview regarding the program as well as Hearts for Hue reached to real needs of these local families to build up the proposal. Hopefully, the fund will be granted to the program which improves living quality for poor people and people with disability by raising chicken in Vinh Thai commune.

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