September: Mr Nguyen Kim Xuyen

According to the local authority, Mr Nguyen Kim Xuyen (43 years old) household is one of the poorest families in Hương Vân Commune, Huong Tra Town.  There are three people in the family including Mr Xuyen, his wife Tran Thi Nhan (33 years old) and a son (14 years old) who is study at grade 8. Unfortunately, Mr Xuyen has acquired an intellectual disability since he was born. Both of Mr Xuyen and Ms Nhan are unable to read and write.   At present, they have to work very hard as a famer to make ends meet, but raising a few chickens only generate a meagre income for the family. They would like to upscale their raising model, however building a proper chicken is beyond their reach.  Also, they have been living for 20 years was dilapidated of improper roof and floor. The house consisted of rotted materials while the floor was soiled.

In order to support the family which stuggled with unstable livelihood, a group of 12 volunteers from We Are Bamboo has given their hands to the family. Within 3 days from 12th to 14th September, the volunteers put their sweat and effort to build a proper chicken coop which is able to host more than 100 chickens. In addition, a floor was covered by cement which makes the house cozy, spacious and clean.

In the closing ceremony, the tears dropped on Ms Nhan’s face. The family would love to message an endless thanks to the Bamboo volunteers for an enormous effort that they have made.

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