Volunteering in Hue in November 2019

In November 2019, Hearts for Hue was very pleased to collaborate with Wide Eyed Pupils to conduct four different community service projects with more than 130 international volunteers in Hue, Vietnam which are:

The international volunteers focused on library construction for primary school, hand washing station construction, purchasing and installing a new computer system, refurbishing school by painting windows, doors system, painting mural. In addition, the volunteers got involved into the English teaching sessions, hygiene lessons for children.


Moreover, as a facilitator to organize community service projects, there were more than 30 local volunteers from Hearts For Hue lent a hand to support the international volunteers in translations and completing the tasks during projects. 

As a result, thanks to the volunteer’s hard work, a new infrastructure is completed.  The volunteer program offered the local pupils and children to access a highly effective learning environment.  


Hearts for  Hue is very pleased to be a companion of Wide Eyed Tours to organize a volunteer program to build a  better learning environment. 


Hearts for Hue team.


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