Vinh Thai Chicken Club – Training II

All 50 families participating in the Chicken Raising Club have built chicken coops, and last week, Hearts for Hue provided complementary inputs for chicken raising to these families. 

As the final step in preparation for the upcoming distribution of 100 vaccinated baby chicks to each club member on Wednesday the 30th October, Hearts for Hue conducted a second chicken raising training session. This training session took place on Monday afternoon, the 28th October.

This training session focused on rearing chickens less than 12 weeks old, and as previously, was facilitated by Professor Ba, Vice Dean of the Hue University of Agriculture. Professor Ba continued his practical approach to teaching, with some of his messages including

  • Safe transport of baby chickens; vital when many Club members use a bicycle
  • Optimal temperatures for baby chickens through each phase of their growth
  • Optimal diet for baby chickens through each phase of their growth

The Chicken Club will play an important role in achieving the optimal diet. It will purchase expensive diet inputs, such as protein supplements, in bulk and assist Club members to produce the optimal food mixtures. 

Hearts for Hue would sincerely like to thank Professor Ba for his expertise and Rotary International for the funding of this programme. 

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