From September 18th to September 21st, 2023, Hearts for Hue, in collaboration with Vietnam Experience, organized a volunteer project for 21 students and 3 teachers from Concordia International School Hanoi. The project aims to improve the financial situation of two families in Quang Phu commune, Quang Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province, through a chicken coop building.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuong, born in 1955, is an elderly resident of Bao La village in Duc Nhuan. She faces numerous challenges as she lives alone and frequently suffers from illnesses that limit her ability to undertake physically demanding work. In addition to her health limitations, it is crucial to note that she lives in extreme poverty. She struggles to meet her basic needs due to a lack of resources. Due to her challenging circumstances, Ms. Thuong is in urgent need of support to establish a chicken coop for raising chickens, which would serve as a sustainable source of income to sustain her livelihood. With the establishment of a chicken coop, Ms. Thuong aims to enhance her financial situation and have a better quality of life. The income generated from selling eggs and chickens would provide her with the means to meet her basic needs and improve her overall well-being.

Ms. Le Thi Huyen, born in 1979, is facing tough circumstances. She is a single mother to three young children after her husband tragically passed away from a bee sting accident. Ms. Huyen belongs to a disadvantaged household and struggles to provide her children with proper nutrition and education. Their living conditions have worsened over time, with their house in disrepair. Ms. Huyen also have to take care of her elderly mother-in-law, who often falls ill. Huyen carries the weight of supporting her children and ensuring their well-being, but she faces financial challenges in doing so. She is determined to create a safe and nurturing environment for her family despite these difficulties. Given her circumstances, Huyen wishes to have a chicken coop to raise chickens and earn a livelihood.

Understanding the difficulties that the two households were facing, the students and teachers spent four days building the chicken coop and providing 50 fully vaccinated chicks for each family to raise. In addition, they also gave school bags and school supplies to Ms. Huyen’s children as gifts for the new academic year.

On behalf of the two households, Hearts for Hue would like to express our deep gratitude to Vietnam Experience as well as the students and teachers from Concordia International School Hanoi for making great improvements to the local community.

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