The visiting trip of Veteran For Peace Delegation to A Luoi District

A Lưới is a mountainous district in Thua Thien Hue province, 70 kilometers west of the city of Hue. It is bounded on its westerner edge by the Laos border. The population of the district is 39,000 people, in which 4,000 people are affected by Agent Orange.   The district saw some very heavy fighting during the war, including widespread use of Agent Orange. The legacy of Agent Orange use continues to affect the health of people in district. Toxic dioxin still contaminates the soil and water in some areas. The burden of cancer, ill-health and disability make AO affected families fall deeper into poverty.

Realizing the difficulties that the AO families are facing, from 2013 to 2019, Veterans For Peace (USA) in collaboration with Hearts For Hue and local Agricultural Expansion center in A Luoi, have been supporting 55 AO families in Hong Kim, Hong Thuong, A Ngo, Hong Nham communities under the project of “Improving the living condition of families with AO affection in A Luoi”. The program delivered cattle raising course and cattle shelter system improvement for AO affected families. 


On 16th November 2019 Hearts For Hue was very pleased to welcome Mr Manus Campbell and Mr George Black visit our program since 2013 to now. The delegation visited two families affected by Agent Orange to gain a better ideas about their life and their current livelihood in A Ngo commune, simultaneously, have a meeting with representatives of Aluoi’ VAVA on the issues related to the Agent Orange issues in Aluoi. After that, the delegation took a trip to the A So Airport which was the base and an airport for US troops during the war.

Last but not least, on behalf of Hearts for Hue, Mr Truong Trong Khanh expresses his deep gratitude to the generous support from Veteran For Peace in generally and particularly to Mr George and Manus for greatly contribute to shaping a better life for the Agent Orange affected families.

Hearts For Hue Team. 

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