The VESAF, NFP Scholarship gives wings to the student’ dream of attending school.

VESAF, NFP is a US-based NGO – a nongovernmental humanitarian organization – registered in the State of Illinois and licensed to operate in Vietnam in 2018.  The Foundation’s goal is to provide educational and social assistance to impoverished, underserved communities through various sustained programs.

In 6th September 2019, under the sponsorship of VESAF, NFP,  Hearts For Hue in collaboration with the Xuan Loc Commune People’s Committee organized a Scholarship Distribution Program to 50 children in Xuan Loc Community.

Approximately 35 km from the centre of Hue city, Xuan Loc lies the mountainous commune of  Phu Loc district.  There are 7 ethnic minorities in the area of which the Bru and Van Kieu are the main groups, making up 80 % of the population. Most of the families live in very poor and heart-rending conditions. According to the most recent survey, there are a large number of students dropped out of school due to the family’s financial burden. Understanding the difficulties that the residents have been facing, the VESAF, NFP supported 50 scholarships for underprivileged students.

Mr Phan Minh Hoa – the principal of Xuan Loc Primary School expressed his deep gratitude to the VESAF, NFP “Encouraging ethnic minority students attending school has always been a challenge for us over the past many years. Due to the fact that the parents are not able to earn sufficient living for all the family, so that some students missed a chance to go to school. The scholarships are not only giving its beneficiaries the opportunity to access education but also building up brighter futures for the students. I really appreciate the VESAF, NFP and Hearts For Hue for making it a successful scholarship program.”

The VESAF,NFP Scholarship has given wings to the student’ dream of attending school.  In some ways, the student will give back to the community in the near future.  Hearts For Hue would like to say thanks to the VESAF,NFP for generous support to the underprivileged students.

Hearts for Hue team.

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