The second chicken distribution sponsored by the PiCCA (AUS)

Hearts For Hue was very pleased to implement the second delivery of fully vaccinated 2500 chicks to 50 people with disabilities under the project of  “Improving the living quality of people with disabilities in Vinh Phu Commune” which sponsored by the PiCCA (Aus).

Along with the delivery of chickens, the project includes an extremely important training session of how to prevent the common disease for chicks which assist the participants to obtain a better understanding how to realize the syndrome and how to treat them by their own. Additionally, Hearts For Hue was very delighted to welcome a Representative of The PiCCA, Ms. Mary Denver involved in the training and took a trip to visit 2 families of people with disabilities.

Hearts For Hue and the representative of the PiCCA were amazed that these two families Mr Nghinh and Ms Ly have raised a healthy flock of chicken which weigh about 1,4 kg to 1,5 kg with the potential income 90,000 dnv per kg. The project has been brought about the first practical benefits to  people with disabilities.

Hearts For Hue is very proud to be a partner of the PiCCA on the path of improving the living quality of people with disability in Vinh Phu Commune.

Hearts For Hue Team.

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