The effectiveness of Hearts For Hue’s Microfinance Project sponsored by VESAF, NFP

     Since 2017 and under the sponsorship of VESAF, NFP, and with the collaboration of the People’s Committee of the Communes of Huong Van, Quang Phuoc and Vinh Phu, Hearts For Hue has been implementing a Microfinance Project with the main purpose of creating jobs an generating income for the disadvantaged people.

     Under the Microfinance Project, loans are offered to disadvantaged people of the three above mentioned impoverished Communes for a wide range of purposes, from planting pomelo tree and vegetables to buy chickens and pigs to be raised in small farms. Over the past 2 years, the Project has represented a practical and significant benefit for 206 participants in the three communities.

     Ms Nguyen Thi Cau is one of the participants of the Microfinance Program in Huong Van Commune.  She tells us: “I used VESAF’s loan to purchase more fertilizer for the pomelo tree, and along with good care,  my garden currently has a total of 32 pomelo trees which bring a significant income to my family. With my garden’s profits I will support my children’s education.”

     Mr. Ho Van Nhat – Chairman of Vinh Phu People’s Committee – is delighted and tell us that: “Under the sponsorship of VESAF,NFP, and in collaboration with Hearts For Hue, we have been implementing the Micro Finance Program. Thanks to a loan denomination of 7,000,000 VND, the residents have been able to buy some fishing equipment, to improve their fish pond, to raise animals and to plant crops. During the project, I have realized that the living standards and the income of the residents have been improved dramatically. As a result, the project has brought stability to the resident’s life”

     Starting from 26 participants in January 2017, the total number has currently increased up to 206 participants; and the total amount disbursed in microloans has increased up to 1.680.000.000 VND in January 2019. With these positive results after 2 years of implementation, the local authorities and Hearts For Hue would like to express our deep gratitude to the VESAF,NFP and we do expect that more disadvantaged women will have a chance to benefit from this project.

These are some videos about the case stories of the beneficiaries :

(Casestory of hairdresser)

(Pomelo Tree)

(assist a family in need)

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