The construction of a kitchen and a classroom has made a change in the children life in Phuc Loc Village

In February of 2017, the D.O.V.E. Fund took a research trip to visit Phuc Loc Preschool in Xuan Loc Commune.  It was quite clear that the facilities were insufficient to meet the needs of the community. Over 70 children were crowded into two small classrooms. There were no cooking facilities of any kind so the children were not able to eat on site. The bathrooms were undersized and unhygienic.
So the D.O.V.E Fund decided to donate $21,228 USD through Hearts For Hue to construct a brand new classroom with a bathroom and kitchen. In October, after three months of construction, the facilities were completed and put into operation. School principal Ms. Hien was delighted in speaking with us. “In the past, parents had to spend a great deal of time during their work day to take their children to school in the morning, pick up them at noon, take them home and cook lunch for them, then come back to school in the afternoon. Besides, some children could not receive full education program as sometimes they did not come back school afternoon  And some poor families were not always able to provide sufficient meals. There was a high level of malnutrition in the students. Now, the children’s lives have changed greatly thanks to the new facilities. Every day teachers are able to cook not just one, but two meals for children. The health of the students has notably improved. They are being well fed and are also well rested as they can nap at school. Parents are now able to send their children to school for the entire day so that they can concentrate on earning a living.”

Ms. Hong, a grandmother of three schoolchildren was pleased to tell us: “I am very blessed to send my grandchildren to this school. Thanks to the new classroom and kitchen children are now able to stay at school for the entire day. These are not just my feelings on the matter. The whole village is very happy to see that our children are growing up in a much healthier environment.”
On behalf of the children and the residents of Phuc Loc Village, Hearts For Hue would like to express our deepest gratitude to the D.O.V.E. Fund for building a better world for the children of Xuan Loc Commune.

Hearts For Hue Team.

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