On 28th July 2020, Hearts For Hue in association with Phu Gia’s People Committee organized the closing ceremony of the project “Chicken Raising Program to Improving Economic Condition for Disadvantaged/ Disabled people near Hue, Vietnam” under the sponsorship of the ROTARY Foundation. Those participating in the Closing Ceremony were 150 beneficiaries, local authority’s representatives: Mr Ho Van Nhat, Party Committee Secretary; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Be, Vice Chairman of Phu Gia, Prof. Nguyen Xuan Ba, head of Animal Department of Hue’s Agricultural University, Mr. Khanh Truong, Chairman of Hearts For Hue and staff.

Over the past 12 months, the project implemented a range of activities:

1/ Carrying out a comprehensive survey of the beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the community

2/ Delivering 06 training courses on chicken raising chicken and marketing chicken product for 150 disadvantaged persons and / or persons with disability in need

3/ Building 150 chicken pens to be done by the disadvantaged and /or disabled people and their families

4/ Delivering 15.000 chicken and veterinary medicine for 150 families

5/Establishing a self -help club to support in technical matters and marketing chicken products for all disadvantaged and /or disabled persons in club after grant fund ends

6/Delivering training courses on local veterinarian and sale man for 40 selected members of self –help group.

7/ Holding 12 monthly meetings on sharing experiences on chicken raising

After 1 year of implementation, the program has achieved remarkable results and the benefits of the program are demonstrated are as follow:

For the Phu Gia Community:

  • The project has formulated a Raising Organic Chicken Model which provides a range of qualified products to meet the demand of the consumption market.
  • The Phu Gia Commune is considering Chicken Product as a strong agricultural product in this locality which belongs to the “One Commune One Product” Program organized by Government
  • Raising chickens not only provide food but also considered as a way to earn living for local people.
  • Establishing a Chicken raising club creates a premise for the expansion and development of chicken raising model in the entire of the commune
  • It contributes to building a new-style of rural areas in terms of developing economic – society considerably.

For the local farmers

  • Most of the local farmers have been applying the raising chicken techniques into practice
  • They are now confident to raise a flock of over 100 chickens
  • Raising chickens create a sustainable income as well as improve the financing for the disadvantaged/disabled people
  • The local farmers are able to connect with each other to reduce the investment cost as well as found out the consumption market for chicken products
  • Besides, the project also strengthens the relationship between people in different villages as well as sharing the raising experience for each other

Particularly, the Phu Gia’s Commune People’s Committee has expressed their willingness to maintain the Chicken’s Club activities in the future. With the remarkable results achieved, Hearts For Hue would like to express our deep gratitude to the ROTARY Foundation, the Phu Gia’s Commune People Committee for your support of this project.

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