Second stage of the VESAF Scholarship Program at The University of Hue

The second and final stage for The VESAF Scholarship Program at The University of Hue for the Academic Year 2018/19 took place on 16 April, 2019 at Hue’s University.

VESAF (Vietnam Educational and Social Assistance Foundation) is a United States based 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit Charitable Organization which mission is “to provide educational and social assistance to impoverished communities in Vietnam”. It is established in Downers Grove, Illinois.

The VESAF Scholarships at the University of Hue are intended to help financially underprivileged students who obtain an outstanding academic record. The students who have been granted the Scholarships are experiencing relevant financial or medical hardship.
Students will continue to receive these Scholarships until graduation if they continue to demonstrate a good academic standing and good conduct in the coming school years.



During the ceremony, reference was made by Mr. Truong Trong Khanh- Representatives of VESAF and Chairman of Hearts For Hue to the importance that VESAF gives to education, providing merit-based scholarships to underprivileged students, and funds to schools to improve access to education. Education is one of the four main areas on which VESAF focuses its activities, being the other areas Community Development, Microfinance and Humanitarian Aid.
Mr. Truong Trong Khanh underlined the importance that the VESAF Scholarships Program at The University of Hue has at present and the important role they are called to play in the future.

VESAF Scholarships do not only provide an opportunity for many students to earn an education. Thanks to them, students will not need to work over the course to pay their tuition costs, or at least they will need to work less hours. As a direct consequence, students will have more time to study and learn and, therefore, to obtain a good academic record.
This fact opens the doors to the future. Scholarships do also help students to enter into higher education, help them to look further in their studies. From that point of view, Scholarships make possible the interest of students for postgraduate studies or for research programs.

Once again students thanked for the granting of the financial aid and commented on their experiences. It is a common feeling that VESAF Scholarships have brought tranquility to their studies: to focus on what it is important is now easier.
The VESAF Scholarship Program 2018/19 sponsors 32 students who are qualify with the following criteria: Good and laborious students (a), good conduct (b), coming from disadvantaged families or confronting financial and medical difficulties (c), and are residing in Thua Thien Hue or coming from Quang Nam province (d). The value of each scholarship is 300 USD per school year, being 9,600 USD the total amount of the VESAF scholarship Program in 2018/19.

Hearts for Hue.

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