Regular check-ups and monthly meetings of Self-help group to “Improve the living quality of people with disabilities in Vinh Phu Commune, Vietnam, by chicken raising.”

Within the activities of the Program “Improve the living quality for people with disabilities by chicken raising in Vinh Phu Commune, Vietnam”, sponsored by PiCCA (Aus), on the 9th October 2018, Hearts For Hue, in collaboration with the Vinh Phu’s Commune People Committee, organized the monthly meeting of the self-help group and carried out the regular check-ups of the activities .

The meeting was conducted by Mr Truong Trong Khanh – Hearts For Hue Chairman- and  Mr Truong Hong Tan – a project officer of Vinh Phu’s People Committee-, who coordinated and moderated the discussions.

Mr. Truong Trong Khanh opened the meeting reminding to the participants that the main objective of the self-help group was to help people with disabilities to obtain a better understanding about the activities of the group and the experiences of other members of the group.  The purposes of these groups are to provide support to participants and to enable them to lead better lives by:

– Sharing feelings and experiences

– Learning more about their situations and learning to better manage them as well as developing new skills

– Giving people the opportunity to talk about their problems or about the different choices they have to make

– Also giving to them the opportunity to listen to other people with similar experiences so people don’t feel alone

– Helping other people by sharing ideas and information

– Offering people an opportunity to take a break and get out of their houses for a moment

– Encouraging people to better care for themselves

– Giving people greater confidence on their lives and particularly their individual rights.

The monthly meeting continued with a discussion among participants about their raising experiences and some of the difficulties and disadvantages of the current chicken raising practices in Vinh Phu Commune. After the discussion, some of the people with disabilities who have a richer experience in raising chicken practices shared with the attendees how to raise the chicken effectively. Most of the families were very happy for their chickens were growing up normally and that they were learning more raising skills which improve their animal raising practices.

Finally, Hearts For Hue announced the upcoming activities of the project including the second stage of vaccination and the topic for the next meeting. As planned, the regular checking and monthly meetings will be done by Hearts For Hue and Professor Nguyen Xuan  Ba to make sure that the person with disabilities can practice well all chicken raising techniques and the chicken can be raised well.

Hearts For Hue Team.

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