Project Narromine To Vietnam (Australia)

Narromine High School Student Group

Although the Vietnamese couldn’t say the name at the beginning of the week, and a certain Australian volunteer had to google where it is, this country town from outback Australia has made a big impact in Phu Luong Community and on Hearts for Hue staff.

Generously volunteering three days of their Viet Nam school trip (organized by Wide Eyed Tours) and their farming knowledge, students from Narromine High School helped establish a vegetable garden in Dong Phu kindergarten. The vegetable garden is complete with an irrigation system, and will provide a nutritious and sustainable source of lunch for the kindergarten students. It is expected that better nutrition will improve learning outcomes and enhance child development in this marginalised community. In addition, as a part of their schooling, children are being taught how to grow the vegetable well.





One Narromine student reported that the volunteer work had been the “best part of the trip so far”, to be able to see rural Vietnam and help those less fortunate. And it was this attitude and willingness to work that Hearts for Hue staff found so impressive. Not only did the Narromine students complete the vegetable garden, planting morning glory, sweet potato and lettuce, they had time to mingle with the kindergarten students, brought some colour to the school with an impressive mural and found time for some fishing before lunch on the final day.

To close, the kindergarten students presented some beautiful traditional dances and Narromine rose to the occasion performing both the ‘Nutbush’ and an Australian Indigenous dance.

Narromine, we know where you are and we can say your name. Thank you sincerely; we would love to have you back again.

Hearts For Hue Team

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