Project CloudNine – Community Service Program

In December 2021, Hearts for Hue is very proud to continue the relationship with Singapore Management University to conduct a Project Cloud Nine 5 with 26  international volunteers. The Project is under the leadership of Mr. Jovan Lim and Ms. Gloria Ng.

The virtual teaching project is an initiative within the framework of the Community Service Program, which is conducted particularly in Covid 19 PandemicThe project’s purpose is to motivate the disadvantaged students in Huong Xuan Primary School to gain new knowledge through virtual means with interactive methods. During 10 days, the international volunteers offered a range of lessons with these topics: English, Maths, Science, and Hygiene. Additionally, the team has been creative to promote the essential learning interactions through games, songs, or pop quizzes. All the lessons were designed to level – appropriate for the students. The teaching packages are flexible, scalable, and easily implemented across different age groups.

More importantly, Project Cloud Nine 5.0 has sponsored the construction of a handwashing station with the aim of improving the hygiene facilities for Huong Xuan Primary School.  The construction is expected to commence in December 2021 and be put into operation in January 2022.

Hearts for Hue would like to thank all the international and domestic volunteers for their enormous effort in the project. We are looking forward to seeing more projects in the future.

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