On November 16th, 2018, ten more Ngày mai Scholarships were delivered to ten children at the Xuan Loc Primary School in Xuan Loc commune, Phu Loc District. The delivery of the Scholarships took place in an informal ceremony held in the school during a small break in the classes.

Mr. Hoa, Principal of the school, Mr. Truong Trong Khanh, Founder and CEO of Hearts For Hue and Mr. Agustin Garcia, promoter of these scholarships, delivered the Scholarships to the children.

Ngày Mai Scholarships is an initiative that seeks to give support to disadvantaged families so that their children can attend to school. This initiative aims to enable disadvantaged families to educate their children without placing an exceptional burden on their battered economy.

With the delivery of these 10 new scholarships, there are 43 children enjoying the support of Ngày mai Scholarships.

Hearts For Hue plays a fundamental role in the development of this initiative, identifying the most needed situations and providing all basic support to monitor the program. 

After the delivery of the Scholarships, our team had the opportunity to visit some of the families and to take notice of their living conditions. We are happy to help disadvantaged families and to help their children.

Xuan Loc Commune is a rural area in which live develops in harsh conditions, very different from the living conditions in the cities of Vietnam. These areas need special support to gradually improve of such living conditions.

It was a day of joy not only for the children and families but also for our Spanish volunteer that had the opportunity to witness how the initiative is developing in Vietnam. 

Hearts for Hue.


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