Ngay Mai Scholarship Distribution 2021 – 2022

At Ngay Mai Scholarships we are happy to be able to attend our annual appointment with the underprivileged children of Hue one more year.   COVID-19 has made fundraising more difficult.  It has also increased the needs of children.  There is no doubt that these times of COVID-19 are very difficult times for everyone. Four years have passed since we started this program.  We are very satisfied with the children’s response.  It is true that dropout cases are very painful. Fortunately, they are the least.  The time has also come when we are amazed at how quickly the children we help grow. Law of life.  So we are starting to look at what possibilities we have to help them effectively in their post-high school studies.  This year we wanted to re-focus on distributing tablets to children, even those in more remote places.  We hope to reach 20 tablets. Tablets distribution represents an extra effort for our donors. Any help is much appreciated. We expect to be here next year.

Agustin Garcia – Hearts For Hue Volunteer

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