More women getting involved in the Microfinance Project under the sponsorship of Tuong Lai Project (France)

Hearts for Hue welcomed a group of French students of Tuong Lai Project from ESSEC Business School (France) to cooperate with the Hearts for Hue NGO in the Microfinance Program with the purpose of improving the women’s living quality in Vy Da Ward.

I have had the internship at Hearts for Hue and fortunately, I had a good chance of partly helping French students make the project successful. From the very start of July until the end of the same month, H4H in conjunction with French students, some Vietnamese volunteers and me tried our best to do some activities included in the project. At first, surveys to visit over 30 households in almost two weeks had been done successfully and then French students would choose seven poor ones to distribute the loans on the last day of the training courses which happened in four days. Additionally, the training courses aimed at supporting ideas for the women in this area how to be able to save their budget and other problems relating to the program. French students and the women had shared lots of good ideas and comments. One of the happiest moments was that seven households were received the total loan of 50,000,000 dvn from French students. Money for the loan distribution was earned by French students when they had to work hard in their hometown. Therefore, not only the amount of money but also their warm hearts touched everybody’s ones, especially the borrowers.

On 23rd, July in 2018, French students, Ms. Lan (H4H’s staff) and me together drove to Huong Van Commune, Huong Tra District in Hue city and visited some households involving in the Microfinance Project. It seemed that French students were able to understand more about the project that they are sponsoring.

The one-month internship at this great organization has given me the huge opportunity of bringing my abilities as well as my specialized knowledge into practice.

I would like to give my sincerest thank to Mr. Truong Trong Khanh- Chairman of H4H along with the staff here. I hope the organization will always succeed in every project.


Nguyen Thi Khanh Quynh – Internship

Hearts For Hue Team.

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