May: Mrs Pham Thi Sang’s family

Bamboo Chicken Coop, Mrs. Sang

Thanks to the Bamboo volunteers, a struggling family in the Vinh Phu Commune has a new chicken coop, kitchen and washing area. Ms Pham Thi Sang’s family consists of four children, ages 13, 7, and 5. Her oldest daughter has already dropped out of school to make ends meet and Mrs. Sang fears that her remaining children will do the same. As the poorest household in the Vinh Phu Commune, Mrs. Sang has always struggled immensely to pay her children’s education fee. Her main source of income is from scrap trading and raising chicken, but is barely enough to survive.


Mrs. Sang’s has been relying on an outdoor kitchen, situated directly adjacent to her homemade chicken coop, made from wood scraps and recycled materials. By cooking and eating meals in such unsanitary conditions, her families health was at risk.

With the support of Hearts for Hue and We Are Bamboo,  a group of 12 international volunteers worked for three days to give Mrs. Sang’s a new income source and a happier, safer home. By building a chicken coop, Mrs. Sang now has the tools necessary to raise chickens and receive a continuous, stable income. The new kitchen and washing area provide a safe space for her family to cook and eat. These changes can dramatically improve the Sang families level of poverty and give hope to her children for a better life by keeping them healthy and in school.

Along with the chicken coop and kitchen, Hearts for Hue also gifted 50 chickens, feeding and drinking systems, and training on how to properly care for and raise chickens. The gracious volunteers from We Are Bamboo chose to pool their money together and donate a variety of items to the Sang family including $550 USD, a new bike for her children, a gas stove, chicken food, instant noodles and rice, and new kitchen supplies. One volunteer even covered the price of her children’s school fees for one year! Mrs. Sang was tearful as she thanked the volunteers who have changed her life for the better. Hearts for Hue would like to thank the Bamboo volunteers and the local authority for making this project a success.

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