Project Model: Livelihood support for persons with disabilities

Name: Livelihood support for people with disabilities in Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

Location: Huong Van Commune is located 19km North of Hue City

Duration: 2014 – Present

Donors: Vietnam NGO Award, Micro Credit Macro Action and other donors.

Beneficiaries: People living with disabilities and their families (44 families)

Program objectives: Create Job and income for person with disabilities

Program Overview:Create Job and income  for people living with disabilities in Huong Van Commune

This project is split into three steps:

1. Chicken/Duck Program

2. Piglet Program

3. Micro Finance Program

Project participants start with the first stage and are granted chickens or ducks to make sure that all of the people living with disabilities can successfully deliver animal raising for profit on their own.

Once people living with disabilities have enough husbandry techniques, they are then provided with piglets. According to the program guidelines, one of their newborn piglets will be given to another household who has a person with disability in the locality.

Finally, if the families can successfully raise chickens, ducks and pigs, and ask for further assistance, they are provided with loans of 2,000,000vnd (USD100) and then an optional 5,000,000vnd (USD250) each. The families repay the loans monthly.


Hearts For Hue uses the three step process to maximizes chances of success because the participants’ responsibilities are gradually increased, or because a longer relationship with Hearts For Hue brings more long – term benefits for the families

Chicken/Duck Program:

21 people living with disabilities have received a total of 300 ducklings and 750 chickens as well as vaccinations and food. Each duck/chicken weighs about 3 – 4kg with potential income of 60,000vnd (USD3) per kg.

By raising chicken and ducks, they can obtain a better understanding about how to raise animals properly and how to make cattle shelters.

Piglet Program:

14 participants received piglets thanks to the Piglets Program. The pigs reproduce 8 – 9 piglets per year that weigh about 3 – 4kg each with potential income 200,000vnd (USD 10) per kg

These two raising programs have brought about some initial economic benefits to the participants.  They have assisted them to cover meals and living expenses. Additionally, by giving newborn piglets to new households, the project is expanded based on the initial resource. In this sense, it helps strengthen the livelihood competence of the entire community.

Micro Finance Program:

44 people living with disabilities finished the first round, and 26 people living with disabilities are currently completing the second round.

Thanks to the loans, the participants can carry out their business plans. They were able to buy more seeds, diversify their breeding of crops, and expand their raising models with the main purpose of generating more income.

The living conditions of people living with disabilities have changed in a positive way day by day by their own effort. They also can support their children’s education.

Microfinance duck program sponsored by Mr. Neil

Hearts For Hue Microfinance Project Sponsored by Micro Credit – Macro Action (France)