Improving the living quality of people with disability through chicken raising project has started with a training

Under the sponsorship of the PiCCA (Aus),  within the framework of Improving the living quality of people with disability through chicken raising project, Hearts For Hue in collaboration with The Vinh Phu Commune People’s Committee  organized a training session on Introduce the model of chicken raising with worm farming and unprocessed cereals and the important technique of making a chicken coop. Those participating in the training were Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Nguyen Xuan Ba –Head of Department of Animal Husbandry; University of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr Thuat – Vice Chairman of the Vinh Phu People’s Committee, Mr Truong Trong Khanh – Chairman of Hearts For Hue along with  50 families who have people with disability in Vinh Phu Community, Vietnam.


The training started with a discussion among participants and Professor Nguyen Xuan Ba about the difficulties and disadvantages of the current chicken raising practices of the local areas. The disadvantages given were ineffective breeding techniques, lack of shelters, lack of knowledge about chicken raising, breed choosing,  chicken food and the consumer market etc. After gathering views and ideas from participants, Professor Nguyen Xuan Ba analyzed the difficulties and proposed solutions to deal with the disadvantages by the following activities:

  • The importance of building a chicken coop with proper techniques.
  • Worm and unprocessed cereals can be used as chicken food
  • The techniques of taking care of chicks 21 days old

Additionally,  according to the plan, every household will responsible for building or repairing a chicken coop that is appropriate for the breeding pattern which program has provided. Therefore, at the end of the training, the participants took a tour and visited a successful a chicken coop model built in Vinh Phu Commune with the main purpose is to help the residents obtain a better understanding of the chicken coop building process and apply it to the building of their own poultry shelters. According to the plan, the chicken coop construction will be completed by September 2018. Then Hearts For Hue will provide 90 chicks for the families to start raising. In addition, Hearts For Hue will collaborate with some students who are from Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry in order to help vaccination, treatment, and monitoring the raising progress which aimed to ensure the program sustainability.

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